The Red Wedding was founded in 2007 simply with a passion to preserve traditions and culture!
Red has always been an auspicious color for Chinese, hence the tradition of Chinese brides wearing the red gown, otherwise known as “Qun Kua”. ‘Qun’ refers to the skirt and “Kua” the jacket, a bright red gown usually adorned with auspicious embellishments such as dragons, phoenixes, bats, pomegranate or peonies – which signifies wealth, prosperity, abundance, love, fertility and good fortune.
In recent years, brides have chosen to wear the Qun Kua during the traditional tea ceremony, while others maintain the tradition by using it as the main gown when the groom fetches the bride, to reflect their strong Chinese culture. Whichever way it is being used, wearing the Qun Kua during one’s wedding is an auspicious gesture and is one of the elements to a fruitful marriage.
The Red Wedding specializes in rental and sale of traditional Qun Kua, imported from topmakers in Hong Kong. They are all handmade from the finest materials and finishes mostly with a tapered fit to match the modern brides’ quest for a more flattering cut. Our gowns are available in different designs with realistic 3-dimensional motifs, in sizes to suit the very petite to the plus-size brides. We also offer matching accessories such as shoes, hairpieces, jewelries and even complementing attires for the groom, so you will certainly look your best on your big day!
As a home based boutique, we seek to be a leader in this trade by providing customers with personalized service and quality products at modest rates. Each trial session is conducted in utmost privacy and in the most leisurely manner as possible. At The Red Wedding, we do not believe in compromising your lifetime happiness and treat every wedding just like our own! With our assurance, you will be the Star on the most important day of your life!